Hiverly Baseboard

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The Hiverly Baseboard is designed to act like a standard hive entry or baseboard, however, when you dive into the detail you will quickly see the system is so much more than just a traditional piece of beekeeping equipment.

After installation our customers regularly report healthier hives, exploding hive populations and increased honey yields which they all attribute to the system.

The Hiverly Baseboard employs a unique diversionary design that ensures Small Hive Beetle are diverted straight out of the hive to become completely trapped in a collection tray where they can then be externally removed without having to suit up!

  • Fully Assembled - with customisable pieces  
  • Eliminates invasive pests : small hive beetle
  • Helps defend against robbing and predatory attack
  • Dramatically increases hive hygiene
  • Gives you full control of hive ventilation
  • Helps eliminate the build up of burr comb between boxes
  • Offers universal hive sizing and unique serial numbering
  • Completely modular and can be set up in any configuration
  • Ensures sustainability is at the core of what we do
  • We focus on protection over profit 

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